US Preferred Securities: Unique Characteristics from a Bramshill Perspective

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Published by: Advisor Perspectives Written by Team of Bramshill Investments, 10/29/2019 With interest rates around the world at or approaching all time lows, income investors have an obvious motivation to look beyond their customary areas of market concentration.  From its perspective as an unconstrained income investor, Bramshill believes that the U.S. market in preferred securities is quite compelling compared to …

Bramshill Investments Nominated for Seven Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards

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Article Published on Olean Times Herald NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bramshill Investments has been nominated for 7 awards from Pension Bridge for its upcoming Institutional Asset Management Awards 2019. Bramshill Investments is an alternative asset manager with approximately $3 billion under management offering strategies across various debt and fixed income markets. Bramshill seeks to harness the best risk-reward investments across fixed income with …


New Bramshill Investments Report Finds Preferred Securities Underappreciated and Underutilized

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NEW YORK — Oct. 24, 2019  – Bramshill Investments, an award-winning alternative asset management firm, today released its new report, US Preferred Securities: Unique Characteristics from a Bramshill Perspective. The report discusses the preferred securities market, providing a current US market overview and arguing that, while overlooked, preferred securities are historically less volatile than equities since the 2007-2009 financial crisis. …