New Bramshill Investments Report Finds Preferred Securities Underappreciated and Underutilized

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NEW YORK — Oct. 24, 2019  – Bramshill Investments, an award-winning alternative asset management firm, today released its new report, US Preferred Securities: Unique Characteristics from a Bramshill Perspective. The report discusses the preferred securities market, providing a current US market overview and arguing that, while overlooked, preferred securities are historically less volatile than equities since the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Bramshill’s research found US preferred securities are generally an underappreciated, less volatile investment option than US high yield with lower correlation to US equities.

The report found three core differences between the US preferred market and fixed income areas. The preferred market offers, “1) a variety of structures, 2) uncorrelated returns, and 3) numerous liquidity outlets to transact.” While they may currently be underappreciated and underrated by investors, Bramshill’s report finds preferred securities may be ideal for income-oriented investors in an overall low yield environment lacking in attractive investments.

“Bramshill believes the US preferred securities market is one of the hidden gems of the investment sphere,” said Art DeGaetano, CIO of Bramshill Investments. “We found that with proper research and analysis, this can be an incredibly rewarding investment without the risk and volatility of US high yield. We expect to see this market become an increasingly desirable option for investors and we’re hoping our research serves as a starting point for this transition.”

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